Norwich in the summer

The medicine course here at UEA runs for longer than the average course which is both a blessing and a curse! I’m currently in my final week of exams (Whoop whoop!) and I cannot WAIT for summer!

Although it sucks that I have to revise, the gorgeous weather we get here in Norfolk leaves me able to have some fantastic revision breaks in some glorious sunshine.

Today, for example, once my friend and I had given up on revision we decided it was a glorious day for the park!

Just a short stroll from my house is the beautiful Eaton Park.

There are little man-made lakes (one of which the model boating club use!), a band stand, miniature golf and even a small train that runs during the holidays!

IMG_6158 (1)

It is also very quickly becoming one of my favourite places to run at night! The beauty of the place distracts from the burning in my legs! Hahaha




Pimp My Barrow #PMB

Many universities have huge fundraisers for different causes.

I may be a bit biased, but I do think UEA has the most unique one!!

Pimp My Barrow is a crazy wheelbarrow race through the city – yes you read that right – a wheelbarrow race!!


On Saturday, hundreds of students crowded into the square to raise money for our excellent local charity – The Big C – a charity dedicated to help patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, and their families.

Students get into teams and deck both themselves and their wheelbarrow out in the craziest and most ridiculous themes they can think of!

And OF COURSE there’s a prize for the best dressed!

I have to say there were some strong contenders this year, with a Stars Wars team eventually coming out top!

PBL Star Wars

I have to say though – my personal favourite were the giant Toy Story aliens

PMB aliens

And where was I in this melee? I was in the library studying (sob!).. However plans are already starting to come into place for next year…

Any suggestions what we should dress up as?

Sister Act

For Christmas I was given two tickets to see Sister Act in the Norwich Royal Theatre – and what a night it was!

One of my best mates came with me. We both have a great love of all things music and boy we’re we in for a treat of an evening! The show was written and directed by Craig  Revel Horwood and starred the fantastic Alexandra Burke (man that girl has a cracking set of pipes!)

Norwich Theatre isn’t huge, so regardless of where we had have been sitting we would have had a fantastic view!

I cannot express just how PHENOMENALLY talented the entire cast was.

What I found most incredible was the fact that there was no orchestra! The small cast (I reckon about 30 max in number) did all! Music, set moving as well as acting singing and dancing!

There we’re only three extra people who didn’t appear on stage, who we reckon played bass, guitar and piano/organ.

Obviously there are a whole host of behind the scenes teams, including the costume department who made incredible outfits (all that 80s glitz and glamour!)

I rediscovered my love for theatre last night, so am definitely going to try and see a few more shows over the next couple of years here in Norwich!

Easter at Home

Being home for the Easter holidays was an absolute treat!

The people I run about with at uni the most consists of three of us from NI and one rogue Englishman we somehow managed to acquire hahaha!

He FINALLY came to visit our little corner of the world which meant showing him all the sights, including visiting my favourite place in the world; what a pity!

My personal highlight was the GLORIOUS day we had up at the North Coast. If you’re ever in NI, 100% it is THE place to visit. With stunning backdrops and adorable coffee shops it is the perfect relaxing day.

We hit up the Giants Causeway first, just as the sun was starting to come out! Our Englishman is a lover of all things nature and so he was fascinated by the rock formations.

The Causeway is a fabulous place regardless of the weather. We saw it on a relatively calm day with blue sky and sea. It can however be equally as impressive on a stormy day with the waves making incredible crashing sounds over the rocks (just be careful!)


(No the co-ordination was not planned, but #goals I guess?)

After this we grabbed some lunch to prepare us for the trek to the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge! 100% be sure and bring your walking shoes for this one as it’s about a mile from the car park to the bridge.

Again the fabulous weather made our wee country look even more spectacular than it already is! When we were on the island, we took a wander down to the fishery the reason the bridge was put up in the first place. Doing this also meant that when we came back up, the crowds had cleared and we got to relax and take some photos on the bridge as we had it to ourselves!


Finally, with the weather being so lovely, we took a little walk on the beach before going out to hear the Irishman’s gig with his comedy band (an absolulte giggle of a night!)



When last summer FINALLY arrived and it was time for some travelling!

One of my housemates is from Harrogate, so I decided it would be a great opportunity to go and visit his neck of the woods before heading to a beach camp up that direction (more on that another time!)

My friend was in work all day, which ended up being fabulous as it gave me an opportunity to explore the town at my own pace!

My first stop of the morning was to the the Royal Pump Room to learn a little bit about Harrogate’s history! This was originally the place were EVERYone came to get their mineral water to kick off the day during their summer holidays, now it’s been turned into a quaint museum which I loved moseying around!


I then stopped in at the Art Gallery and learnt a little about how Yorkshire’s landscape had come about.

Then it was a quick stop for lunch in the Montpellier Gardens during my friend’s lunch hour.

The afternoon I spent a lot more relaxed, strolling around the Valley Gardens (BEAUTiful) and then reading in the Montpeillier Gardens (H is for Hawk is a top book!)

A trip to Harrogate is not complete with out a visit to the famous Betty’s tearooms!

Too say it was delicious would be an understatement! I decided to go for a selection to try a little of everything. It’s pricey, but hey it’s the holidays and time to ‘Treat yo’ self!’